The Greendykes Organic Allotments Group story

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It's worth noting that the middle image at the top of every page is actually a copy of the writing on the old slab that used to lie on the table in the middle of the allotments. We had to make some minor adjustments to the colours so it was legible, but it was certainly as old as the allotments so very weather-beaten! Sadly someone was a bit brutal with it so it is no longer wih us. Also worth pointing out that the council support the allotments by letting us use their land, their tools & their appliances like lawn-mowers etc.

Quote taken from Cultivating Communities: A Growing Challenge - An allotments strategy for the City of Edinburgh (2010-2015)
"Residents from Greendykes worked with the Greendykes Concierge Office to develop an organic allotment site, with 26 plots, on the Council owned land to the rear of their housing blocks. Following consultation with residents and their representative groups, a committee was formed to drive the project forward. They secured initial funding from the Council’s housing department and the local regeneration group ‘PARC’ which allowed the site to be constructed in 2007. All the 26 plots were taken up, with plot holders paying a token rent of £10 per annum, which goes towards insurance for the site. The committee has obtained further funding from a number of sources to provide composting facilities, promote composting and planting fruit trees"

We hope to enable folk to pay their annual subscriptions on this website one day, meanwhile please let us know what you think should, or could, be on the website whilst we develop it. NB: "with plot holders paying a token rent of £10 per annum, which pays for the insurance" Allotment holders pay roughly 20% of the usual. As the annual fee for having an allotment is so cheap, in comparison to the average, allotment holders are requested to look after their allocated plots & keep them free from both litter & weeds. If they do not do so over a period of time, they will lose their allotment & it will be allocated to the next person to apply. You may well see some plots in our photographs within that category, so please contact Brian in the concierge team if you think you can do better!

By the way, when the project was first started the original group planning the project went under the title "Goals", sadly all website names using Goals were snapped up a long time ago, thanks to football, so we opted to use the initials of Greendykes Organic Allotment Group ( instead. We hope that the web address will stick in peoples minds & everyone will be happy to get involved. We want & need all suggestions so please let us know by using the message board or contact page. Thanks.