Add your name to the Greendykes Organic Allotments waiting-list

Although the allotments are primarily aimed at tenants in the two council tower blocks, (Greendykes & Wauchope Houses), anybody living within the Edinburgh City Council area is very welcome to apply & put their names onto the waiting list for our allotments.

When an allotment becomes available the first name on the list will be contacted. If they turn it down, the allotment will be offered to the next person, & so forth. Please note that if somebody has specific needs & a more appropriate allotment becomes available, their application may be accepted out of list order. That is also likely to happen if anyone applies who already has a plot, for obvious reasons!

Due to the excessive amount of "bots" (computers setup to attack forms on the web), or people who get a kick out of attacking community websites with spam, we have abandoned the form here, & instead request anyone interested to use email. At the address shown below:

Please include the following points within your email,
  • Your full name
  • Your full address, including postcode
  • The basic reasons you wish an allotment plot
  • Any specific needs, like mobility issues or disabilities etc
Then give us some time before we will reply to you. Thanks.

If you get stuck & need help please click this button: